My name is David Strauß.

I create useful software, write once in a while and run edgy circle.


My name is David Strauß. I'm a developer from Austria, currently living in the beautiful city Salzburg. In 2012 I graduated from Salzburg University of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with honours. You can view my resumé to get a more detailed account of my professional life.

I think creating things is a wonderful thing, especially when you can work with beautiful and amazing tools. That's why I'm programming in Ruby and CoffeeScript. Both programming languages are making me happy and allowing me to build amazing things. I don't see myself as a mere "code monkey". If I would have to name my profession, I would call me a builder.

When building things I strive for simplicity and usefulness. In my opinion the most important and coincidently the two hardest aspects of a creation. I always struggle to accomplish those two and therefore admire people who succeed. When I think about this, I have a theory when and why I start to struggle. I think it happens when it comes to details or though calls. Due to the absence of a checklist, a manifesto or simple guidelines I start wandering of the path without noticing it.

Checklists, guidelines and these things are another thing I'm very interested in. I already said, that I have trouble to fulfil my own vision. I want to change this, but only how? Thankfully there are a lot of books on (self) improvement. And since I love to read, this is a perfect match. But although I focus on more or less scientific books, checklists and guidelines which don't come from thin air, I struggle to implement the advice and improve certain aspects of my life.

I think this happens because I tend to read such books like I would read a fiction book - fast, very fast. But that doesn't work with nonfiction. So recently I started to read more carefully. Apart from the book I'm currently reading, I always have an open notebook next to me, where I jot down comments and important insights. The next step would be to write a manifesto, checklist or guidelines for this book. Like a really dense version of the book. Optimally with applicable advice and steps. I will have to see how this works out…

Before this page gets even longer I will quickly wrap this up and let you, my dear reader, decide if you want to learn more about me.

Besides this website I can be found at various places around the internet. For a start there is GitHub with most of my programming projects. Next up is my sporadically updated Twitter account. I usually use Twitter only for consumption, maybe this will change in the future. LinkedIn is a new thing I'm trying.

But maybe the good old email is still the best way to get in touch, so here you go:

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