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2012 In Numbers

I never wrote a detailed account of what I have accomplished in a year but I think now it's a good time to start. This will allow me to compare things at the end of 2013 and measure my progress.

In July I finished my education by graduating from Salzburg University of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with honours. Looking back I dearly miss my peers and the great time we had, especially in the first years.

The graduation was also the only time I went on holidays. A quick five day trip to Lake Garda. Around this time I also moved from campus to the city in my own apartment sharing it with my girlfriend and a friend.

Driven by a random blog post about reading I started picking up books again. Altogether I read 21 books or 6140 pages. My own book, HTML5 Games Most Wanted, was finally published.

I managed to write 8 blog posts for this site and one paid guest post for the IBM blog. Looking at the stats, this site had 4955 unique pageviews.

Regarding my health I only managed to exercise on 40 days. In detail it splits up like this:

1 day rock climbing
2 days biking
16 days strength training
21 days running

Apparently Fitbit doesn't give me overall stats for a year, so this lifetime numbers have to do (next year I can calculate the correct numbers for 2013).

930113 steps
2273 floors
711 km
100613 active score

Business-wise I made plans to start a company with two friends. It took some time to find a name but in the end we settled on edgy circle. I also finished my first professional project with Ruby on Rails. In total I earned € 1906,- which is pretty much nothing.

You have questions, ideas or feedback? I like to hear from you and I'm looking forward to exhange thoughts. Please send an email to and say “Hello”.

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