My name is David Strauß.

I create useful software, write once in a while and run edgy circle.

Adminer, the small footprint alternative to phpMyAdmin

I have no clue why most people use phpMyAdmin as a graphical user interface when it comes to databases. phpMyAdmin looks horrible and is, in my opinion, bloated.

So why use it when there are better solutions? I'm talking about Adminer, a script providing the user a graphical interface to deal with his databases. Instead of phpMyAdmin Adminer has a clean looking appearance and doesn't distract the user while working.

The main advantage of Adminer is the way it is delivered: In a single .php file!

So if you want to use Adminer all you have to do is to create a directory named adminer in your www-root, rename adminer.php to index.php and move it to the newly created directory. Quick and easy!

And as a plus point Adminer recently also moved to GitHub.

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