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Friends or where Diaspora is ahead of Facebook

No, I'm sorry this is not a rant post about how Diaspora will destroy Facebook, not at all. I still can't imagine that Diaspora will be a player as big as Facebook.

But there is one thing on Diaspora I really love and would like to see everywhere on the web, atleast where people share text, pictures and videos with othes:

On Diaspora you don't have friends. You have contacts, and you have the so called "Aspects". You can create as many aspects as you wish, and then you add your contacts to the aspects. A contact can be added to more than one aspect. When you post a status update, an image or video you can choose for what aspects this piece of information is visible. And that's such an improvement in how we share personal information with people on the internet!

Why? Let me explain: I can still post my stuff to everybody since there is an option to post to all aspects at once. But if I would like to share a very specific thing, I can post it only to the aspects I want. Suddenly only people added to my "University" aspect can read my shared link about Test Driven Development because I know, no one from my family is interested in that topic.

So what are the benefits of such a system? First of all it will lead to more organized information streams, a wise use of aspects will save your contacts from reading nonrelevant stuff you post. Only things that they are interested in will get through to their stream. Another benefit is quite obvious: You will always stay the nice and good son in your mothers eyes as long as you don't post your hardcore party pictures to a aspect your mother is in!

Since christmas is near, here are my web wishes:

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