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Four Times Daily Launch

My latest project Four Times Daily launched!

What is it all about?
Humans experience time as something linear. If you teach your child something about history you will use a timeline. With a timeline it's easy to put different events in relation. A timeline is something visual. It's easier to put something in context when you see it. Calculating the differences between World War 2, Iraq and Vietnam is not easy, looking at them is easy!

But calendars do it wrong. They are a big rectangle with 31 sub-rectangles where you have the first day of a month in the top left corner. And the last one on the bottom right corner. This is not intuitive. In the worst case scenario you have to switch permanently between two months to get an overview of whats going on.

To-do lists have a similar problem. You have two tasks, the first one is due until tomorrow. For the second one you have more than a week to complete it. Although there is a lot of time between these tasks most To-do applications do the following:

Both tasks are listed one below the other. Your brain has to calculate the difference of the two dates to realize you have a lot of free time!

Four Times Daily is an attempt to provide a more natural view of your activities. Each day has the same size, regardless if there is something to do or not. The days are ordered linear and you can easily scroll into the future or past. You don't have to switch between months. Four Times Daily shows you your free time. Because that's as important as showing you what you have to do!

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