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Minesweeper in 3D alias mine3D

Like a lot of other people Eberhard Gräther loves Minesweeper. The thinking game introduced by Microsoft for their Windows platform caught him. But when he switched from Windows to Mac there was no more Minesweeper.

As a programmer he started to code his very own Minesweeper version. The classic 2-Dimensionall game was too trivial for him so he added another dimension, mine3D was born. A free, standalone, 3D Minesweeper game playable on Windows and Mac platforms.

You can download the game here.

The game is played with the computer mouse. The left button is used for two things: Clicking on a cube will open it while holding down will give you the option to rotate the whole cube around the middle. There are also two functions for the right button: A click will flag the cube as a mine and holding down allows you to slide around the whole cube without rotation. Pressing the button or wheel in the middle and moving the mouse results in a zoom.

There are four cube sizes to choose from: Easy, Medium and Hard are fixed ones. With Costum you can adjust the width, height and depth of the cube and change the amount of mines.

Sweep is a brand new game mode introduced by mine3D, other than flagging the mines in Classic mode you can sweep away the mines. They completely disappear and the surrounding numbers adjust to the new situation. This results in a new and fast playing experience.

Interested in playing? You can find the files here.

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