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My Airport-IQ is above 140

Approaching the security control at Airport Salzburg. I grab my bag and put it on the belt of the baggage x-ray-scanner. Still thinking about how the guy behind the monitor can tell the difference between headphone cables and a wired bomb I hear the other officer talking to me.

Officer: Sir, do you have any electronic devices or other stuff in your pockets?
Me: No.
Officer: Do you wear a belt?
Me: No.

The officer looks kind of puzzled and confused but doesn’t take further actions so I turn around and walk through the metal-detector. Nothing happens.

So what’s so special about that? I put my belt, the mobile phone and my wallet into my bag while standing in line, before it was my turn to get checked. Due to that I just had to put my bag on the belt and walk through. I’m sure I set a new “Time needed for security check” record. I do it all the time.

And why on earth is my Airport-IQ above 140? It seems like I’m one of a few who are intelligent enough to do the things above to make their lives, the lives of the officers and the lives of their fellow passengers easier by preparing themselves for the security check so everything goes fast and smooth.

There are too many idiots who walk two or more times through the metal detector or need a time span close to eternity for putting their stuff into the plastic boxes on the belt. Beep. Oh my belt, I’m so sorry. Beep. Beep. What? Aah, I have a watch in my pockets. Beep. Beep. Ups, my mobile phone. Beep.

People what the fuck are you doing while standing in line that doesn’t allow you to prepare yourself for the check? And airport people, please put up signs telling the waiting folks to sort out their stuff while waiting and not directly in front of the detector.

Next time think about this. The checkpoints are always at the same place, you know how it works, no magic. So act properly and make our lives easier. You don’t need to be a genius for this, I do it all the time and I’m far away of being the new Einstein.

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