My name is David Strauß.

I create useful software, write once in a while and run edgy circle.

Someone shot down the moon

The crescent is hanging there just above the horizon in a morbid yellow shade. It’s pitch-black due to the nearly non-existent moon light and I’m watching the headlights cruise around in the dark. They are completely different compared to normal nights, the light cones seem to catch and never release me. Slowly I get lost in my fascination and admiration over these simple but so powerful light dots.

This once more showed me how important it is to block out disturbing surroundings and obtain a inner calmness so you really can appreciate the beauty of things and live for the moment. Too often we spend most of our time in the future wondering what will happen, or in the past regretting things we haven’t done.

The latter is mostly happening because we fail to focus on the real important stuff. Stuff that happens right now. Learn to make the best out of every moment you live and enjoy the beauty of it. You will achieve a more fulfilled life, and who would say no to that?

In situations where it’s hard to find the good piece, I recall a beautiful sentence said by Charlie Crews, or so:

There is no right and wrong, there is only here and now.

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