My name is David Strauß.

I create useful software, write once in a while and run edgy circle.

Track Your Git Commit Statistics With Hulkort

Hulkort helps you tracking your Git commit statistics. It’s as simple as eating ice cream, try it yourself!


Similar to many fellow programmers I like data. Since I spend a lot of time programming I looked for a way to track such data.

I thought Git could provide the best data. So I wrote a post about the different ways one could use to get statistics from Git.

After some comments on Hacker News and a bunch of emails I decided to go with a post-commit hook. After 10 minutes poking around with Git hooks I was tracking my Git commit statistics. Postbin helped storing the data.

But what is data without graphs? Getting the data from Postbin and putting it into a spreadsheet is a pain.

So I built Hulkort with the help of Thomas Buchöster.

If you are into statistics like me, you should give it a try! Getting started is a matter of 2 minutes and I would love to hear your feedback!

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