My name is David Strauß.

I create useful software, write once in a while and run edgy circle.

Webdevelopers let me introduce you to Gridulator

Gridulator is a slick tool for people like me. I acknowledge the usefulness of grids but I'm to lazy to calculate one by myself and the grid frameworks out there don't play well with my definition of of nice, semantic markup. So there is no hope for my lovely mother to hook me up with grids. Until now!

With Gridulator David Sleight created a nice little utility which does all the math for you when it comes to grid layouts! You enter the width of your layout and the amount of columns you would like to have and Gridulator shows you the possible combinations of column width to gutter width.

There is a preview for every combination available and you can create and download a PNG file on the fly to use it in Photoshop mockups and other stuff. To round off the awesome experience there are also keyboard shortcuts for using Gridulator.

Thank you David Sleight for this brilliant executed idea!

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