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STRAVID - Building software collectively.

Welcome to STRAVID. My name is David Strauß. I build value-adding software with other humans.

Software is only a means to an end. To reach a specific goal and build something useful you need more than technology. I can help with this because I know what is needed to build Resilient Software.

Many skills are needed to accomplish this. Top-quality technology is only one part of the big picture. Contact me and say “Hello” if you are interested in software projects that have an unambiguous positive outcome.

The best way to get support from me is through my company. We are based in Salzburg and can help you in all software development related areas.

You want to learn how to build Resilient Software? I approve that. Below you can find some links and thoughts regarding that topic.

Here are a few things about me personally: My bookshelf is filled and there are still a lot of books on my wishlist. My dad showed me the beauty of cycling. When it comes to cooking my mum is my role model. I'm currently in the process of digitizing my recipe collection. Apart from that I'm running a popular darts scorer, but don't have the time to play myself.

You have questions, ideas or feedback? I like to hear from you and I'm looking forward to exhange thoughts. Please send an email to and say “Hello”.

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