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STRAVID - Building software collectively.

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Legacy Project Retrospection - Facing My Shortcomings
The technology behind
STRAVID · Resilient Software Development from Salzburg
Harte Tomate - A hardware pomodoro timer reporting to a backend for storing past pomodori
JavaScript consulting and development
Webdevelopers let me introduce you to Gridulator
Video Collection I
Track Your Git Commit Statistics With Hulkort
There is always something positive
Someone shot down the moon
Some Interesting Reads
Reading Too Much, Too Fast - Three Book Diet
Notes on "Pendulums, Tea, and Jack Cheng"
My war on tabs and how I took back my time
My Airport-IQ is above 140
Most Read Articles In 2010
Merry Geekly Everybody!
Jekyll - One Command FTP Deploys
How To Manage Things And Run a Successful Company
How I Remember More From Articles And Books I Read
Four Times Daily Launch
easydrum Prototype With CoreMIDI
Don't Ruin Your Work With Your Presentation
Friends or where Diaspora is ahead of Facebook
CoffeeScript and Ruby Development Setup on OSX Lion
Category Aware Previous And Next For Jekyll Posts
2012 In Numbers
CQRS and Event Sourcing Research by David Strauß
Stop the Javascript alert() madness
Trusting Facebook Will Embarrass You
Personal Git Commit Statistics
Minesweeper in 3D alias mine3D
Improve your Javascript console.log friendship
Cleaner JavaScript code with Enums
Adminer, the small footprint alternative to phpMyAdmin
Achtung die Kurve with HTML5 Canvas
About David Strauß

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